Modern Swimsuit Cuts Create Unique Tan Lines

Modern Swimsuit Cuts Create Unique Tan Lines

Are you ready to break free from basic bathing suit contours that provide standard tan lines? Then consider unconventional styles with scalloped edges, fringe, cutouts, strappy detailing, and shoulder variations. Women of all shapes and sizes will enjoy flaunting these eccentric swimsuit cuts. Sun-smart ladies use fake tanning methods and bronzers, so sunbathing in minimal yet traditional swimsuits is no longer necessary to darken pale skin. 

Tanning Suggestions 

Women have discovered two ways to approach the alternative swim silhouette dilemma. Adventurous types are embracing the bizarre tan lines they form. Since today's fashion trends proclaim individuality proudly, looking different can be a plus. Are you daring enough to display wildly imaginative skin imprints like body art? Low-cut tops will flash fascinating shapes in contrasting skin shades without needing statement necklaces to create drama. On the reverse side, back-revealing halter-tops will show off intricate two-toned designs.

But if you'd rather avoid obvious tan lines, limit sun exposure. Always apply a high-SPF sunscreen for pool, lake, and beach outdoor activities. When you're out of the water, lounge on chairs or beach towels under shading umbrellas in oversized sunhats and cover-ups. Those efforts will conceal quirky-shaped bathing suits.

Selection Tips 

All standout styles you choose must look impeccable. So select cuts that flatter your figure. Getting an ideal fit in the right size is key to avoid too-tight silhouettes with multiple straps pinching your skin. Shop Swimsuits Direct for newly arrived designer women's swimwear. Or browse the latest plus-size bathing suits for equally creative possibilities. Popular two-piece options pair triangle bikini, bandeau, bralette, halter, tankini, and high-neck tops with hipster, high-waist, and skirted bottoms. Or pick from one-piece versions including maillots, swim dresses, deep-cut Vs, and high necklines. This year's trendy colors range from nude to berry to neon. 

Embellished Edges 

Feminine accents like dainty scalloped edges, lettuce trims, smocked frills, and zigzag borders will play up your natural womanly curves. These fascinations transform otherwise basic swimsuits into elegant yet flirty styles. When these special extras highlight or enhance your neckline and more, they'll turn heads wherever you swim. Add shorts and/or shoes with similar fancy elements for coordinated looks that make striking fashion statements.

Fringe and Tassels 

Do you want to unleash your exotic fantasies? Then try bikini or tankini tops featuring fringe hanging over your midsection with bottoms brandishing tassel side ties. You'll get a little more coverage with the fun of flaunting ethnic-inspired designer details. These tribal influences add texture and depth to any beach look. 

Cutouts and Inserts 

Even though cutouts have been trendy for some time, they're becoming more modern, extreme, and intense. Strategically placed keyholes, thin slits, and larger bare sections reveal upper, side, and lower areas. Extra glimpses of skin are flattering for many body types. Maybe you like this overall look but feel more comfortable exposing less of your figure, or you want to avoid unexpected tan line shapes. Then consider sheer-lined cutouts. Various inserted materials like mesh, lace, crochet, and macramé fill-in designer gaps. The resulting feminine see-through appeal offers better sun protection in more modest options. 

Strappy Detailing 

Multiple straps are assuming prominent positions across chests, tummies, backs, and sides. Interesting configurations encompass parallel, angled, and crisscross. Also hot this year are lace-up styles, resembling sexy retro corsets. 

One-Shoulder Styles 

Inspired by single-strap dresses' glamour and popularity, one-shoulder swimsuits make your appearance asymmetrical and edgy. These sleek and sexy bathing suits are sure to draw attention. Pair them with capri pants and wedge sandals to slink in style from beaches to bistros or bars. 

Off-the-Shoulder Looks 

Trendy summer shirts, dresses, and now swimsuits are displaying off-the-shoulder modifications that look and feel cool. Sleeve styles range from cap, suspended, and flounce to ruffled, sheer net, and strappy. Extra cascading fabric hides large or jiggly arms. Choose options with just one upper color or print rather than an assortment, which can appear too busy. These versatile and chic pieces can replace changing into blouses. During swim breaks, don shorts or skirts to grab lunch or go shopping. 


Before and after swimming, slip Swimsuits Direct cover-ups over your artsy bathing suits for sun protection. Styles include dresses, tunics, caftans, ponchos, kimonos, shirts, rompers, and hoodies. Create fashionable combos by picking colors or patterns that match or contrast with the swimsuits you're concealing.

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