10 Women Tell Us What They Hate About Shopping for Swimwear

10 Women Tell Us What They Hate About Shopping for Swimwear

It's getting to be that time of year again where spring break planning has started, summer trips are being booked, and that means it's time for a new swimsuit.  Whether it's in store or online, swimsuit shopping can be a nightmare experience for many of us.  We asked 10 women what they hated most about shopping for swimsuits either online or in a store.


"Being a 50-something grandmother in denial about my age, naturally, I forget that what I looked hot in at age 19 is going to make others now stare in horror, unable to look away, but wishing they could unsee the middle-aged rolls of flab hanging over the edges of that tankini.  I have accepted that I can no longer attract admiring glances from men while strutting my stuff in a string bikini, but I'm having trouble accepting that my tankini days may be over as well.   

"The "girls" are still in pretty good condition, but I don't like having to worry about adjusting and checking for escapees every time I come out of the water.  A good swimsuit will keep them confined.  My second pet peeve in swimsuits are when they don't cover enough in the crotch area.  Who, besides a swimsuit model, looks good in a swimsuit that has nothing more than a thin strip of cloth looping underneath and making a trip through Butt Valley, leaving half of my white, cellulite filled butt cheeks exposed, as well as the stretch marks all over my upper thighs?  And bulging back fat?"

-Willow H.


"I swim almost every day, so it needs to be durable, but I always make a point of getting a swimsuit I like, and look good in. So easy to get sucked into 'it'll be ruined by chlorine sooner or later mode', but that is so wrong. Get something good, that makes you happy - invest in yourself. It's also great advice for life."


"Swimwear is not my friend. My boobs are really small and the padding in the bathing suits are not made for little boobs. I would love to have swimwear that has padding that looks and feels real. Also, I am a black female and we are known for having "big butts and I find it difficult to find a bathing suit that fits my small chest and my big butt. Also, I have a belly from having children and would like to wear a two-piece that has "control top" in it."

-Nikki B.


"Finding something that doesn't make me look like I have no boobs and no waist! I can't wear a one piece because they're always too short in the body and ride up my you know what. Urgh. And being 50 you're not wanting to look like mutton dressed up as lamb."

-Katrina B.


"You wouldnt walk around with no bra (if over a D cup) yet most swimwear designers don't seem to think we need same support, and out in public too. From an F cup lover of water based activities, a small but probable list of events likely to happen whilst wearing swimwear: Boob falls out sideways while surfing (surrounded by predominantly male peers), boob peeking out around after two lengths of breast stroke, top swivelled all the way around the back after diving off poolside, post swim water emerging reshuffle, shoulder strap/halter neck dig, running = no no, rounders, dangerous.  Activities possible (except surfing, digging underwire = ouch), if industrial bra-like contraption is worn, wrapped up like a present with frills/ruffles to disguise enormous size. Usually available in floral, polka dot, more floral.  Not to mention our friend the mono boob – appears when squashing boobs into unshaped swimsuits."

-Chloe R.


"Without doubt the biggest frustration is finding swimwear for ladies who’s figure is out of proportion. i.e larger breasts with narrow hips or bigger legs with a small chest. Styles and specifically - fits tend to be favoured either towards a wholesome larger figure or petite frame, not a mixture of the two.  Adjustable top and bottoms can help, but sometimes can be limited, ladies often have to make do with mismatched tops & bottoms, even combining different brands. This can result in double cost, as the unused top and bottoms form the mismatched pair are left to gather dust."

-Anne S.


"When shopping for swimsuits, I like to mix and match tops and bottoms so I can switch up styles from time to time. I wish I could find more matchable colors and patterns that are universally flattering for any body type.  Also, whenever I see models wearing the suits on websites and in-store ads, they are usually super tiny all around! It would be nice to “shop by shape” and see how new trends look on more real-life models of different sizes."

-Cindy D.


"I hate having to buy a top and bottom as a set! My hips and bust are two completely different sizes and when one area fits it’s guaranteed the other piece won’t.  It’s such a pain to find a bikini that truly fits me that I’ve almost given up completely shopping at traditional stores for swimsuits."

-Christine A.


"I’m a plus size woman, I want to see what the suit is going to look like on a real plus size model similar to my body type.  I’m a size 18, I don’t want to see the suit on a size 2 or 4 model, it’s one of the most frustrating parts about online swimsuit shopping."

-Amy W.


"I’m “blessed in the chest” but have narrow hips so it’s a massive pain to find a bikini or one piece that fits me well.  Everything either makes me look totally saggy some parts or its disturbingly tight.  A lot of suits with underwire are super uncomfortable too.  I’ve basically given up on finding cute swimwear that fits at this point." 

-Katy L.


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