The Best Swimwear For Red Hair

The Best Swimwear For Red Hair

For women with red hair, swimsuit colors need to meet a specific set of needs. Their skin tends to be porcelain, the lightest shade that reddens easily, and red hair has such visual impact that some colors will clash with it, detracting from that classic ginger glow. But that doesn't mean that redheads don't have a wide variety of colors to choose from -- even colors you might think should be avoided, like red and coral! Let's take a look at some of the beautiful shades that will bring out the best in lovely redheads.


These are classic colors for redheads. The coppery tones in your hair glow against blue and green, and jewel tones are gorgeous against ivory skin. 

This emerald green one-piece suit from La Blanca combines classic lines with lingerie details, such as the sexy lace-up back. For a lighter green, take a look at this shirred, slightly shimmery kelly green suit from Leilani.

The deep plunge neckline and cobalt blue of this one-piece by Cole of California will give you a look with sophisticated impact. For a more playful look try the shirred tankini from Anne Cole, in a bright tropical blue.


People with red hair often assume they should avoid red at all costs. It's true that orange reds will play up the brassy tones in ginger hair, but a deep red will highlight the rich, dramatic shades.

This feminine swimsuit from Becca Etc has sexy cut-outs, with a feminine crochet overlay in a stunning merlot. For a sleek look, this one-piece by Radio Fiji in rust red has a deep plunge lace-up neckline.


Warm browns can bring out the lovely depth in red hair. These earthy colors light up the gold and copper highlights that make red hair so mesmerizing. 

The burnished bronze of this structured one-piece by Sea Folly shows that earth tones can be dramatic too. And while most people might look dull in this classic swimsuit from Becca, red hair will glow against the chocolate brown with a subtle shimmer.


Another shade that redheads might shy away from, the right shade of coral can look fresh and pretty. Orange is generally not a flattering color, but coral is a bit cooler of a shade that can be lovely, especially on people with darker red tones in their hair.

The sherbet shade of this subtly sexy suit from Cole of California is soft, without being too pale. For a slightly more sophisticated shade, the rich salmon bikini from Soluna has a subtle shimmer.


This dusky shade of green is beautiful and sophisticated on gingers, playing off the fiery tones in red hair.

Try this lightly shirred maillot in a richly warm olive green from Anne Cole. For a slightly brighter take on army green, California Sunshine has a classic suit with a v-neck in soft army green with subtle shimmer.


With your eye-catching red hair, should you avoid prints and stick to solid colors? The truth is that you can wear both. Prints can work beautifully with your bright hair, as long as they aren't too wild, and they stay in your chosen color scheme. Take a look at this cool aqua print, or this soft, mossy green. Both of them are excellent examples of prints that a redhead can rock. 


Some colors aren't likely to be flattering on redheads. Pastels can leave you looking washed out. Neons are usually too much with red hair and can make pale skin look a little sickly. Very bright colors, in general, are not your friend. Orange and yellow will clash with ginger locks, and can leave your skin looking sallow as well.


Redheads tend to have very light, tender skin. While everyone should protect their skin from the sun, it is especially important for redheads to be diligent with the SPF. A comfortable, breezy coverup is a great idea, as well as a wide-brimmed sun hat. 

People with red hair have heard lots of rules about what they can and cannot wear. While some of that well-worn advice can serve you well, it can be fun to push the boundaries a little too. There are more colors than you might expect that can help redheads play up their unique beauty. Try something new, and see how beautiful you look.


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