5 Ways to Wear a Swim Dress

5 Ways to Wear a Swim Dress

When you're looking for a little more coverage but still want to maintain a stylish and chic look, a swim dress is the way to go. The flare of the skirt adds more curve and covers up those hard-to-tone areas, giving you the confidence you need to enjoy the beach or the pool. Wearing this type of suit is also a great way to add a personal touch, since there are several unique ways to wear the versatile ensemble. Here are a few of the top ways to wear this trendy style.

1. With a Belt

Belted outfits are not limited to the office anymore; even your swimwear can be enhanced with the addition of a belt around the middle. Obviously, there are certain things you'll need to keep in mind as you select the perfect accessory for your swimsuit.

  • Make it waterproof: Unless you're planning on spending all of your time lounging on the shore and never stepping foot in the water, you want to make sure you select belting that is completely waterproof.
  • Match your style: Adding an accessory around your middle is just another way to show off your taste and create an outfit that showcases your personality. You may opt for a sparkly band that screams glitz and glamour or a solid, classic look. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches the rest of your swimming suit's style.
  • Placement is key: One of the fastest ways to create a cinched mid-section is with the addition of a belt, but there are other ways this accessory can improve your look. A low-placed belt gives off a completely different vibe than one set high on your hips. Try a few different styles to see what creates the exact look you're going for.
2. With a Tie

One of the most popular things to do with the fabric of your skirt is tie it off to the side of your hip. While that might seem to negate the effect of covering up your thighs, it can actually serve to slim you even further. A slightly larger amount of skin may be visible on the side of your leg, but the asymmetrical lines will create interest while keeping you covered in all the places that matter.

3. With a Ruffle

Those looking for the ultimate in feminine style will want to look into ruffled dress bottoms. These can be placed on the bottom of a skirt or right on the hips, each way giving off a completely different look. This classic addition creates a cute appeal that can be enhanced by the color and texture of your suit's fabric. For an outfit that's straight out of the 50s, add a polka-dot ruffled option to your swimwear collection.

4. With Shirring

One thing that a swim dress is best at is covering up those hard-to-tone places that everybody wants to hide. By selecting a suit that also has shirring on the top, you'll create a slimmer look throughout your entire body. Shirring around the midsection is the best way to hide any stubborn tummy bulges while still looking stylish and chic.

5. With an Empire Waist

While many swim dress options feature a ruffled skirt that hits about mid-hip, you can also find options that flare out from the ribcage, creating an empire waist appearance on the dress. This is not only great at hiding problem areas in your hips, but also drapes over the stomach to hide tummy bulges and love handles. For those looking for ultimate coverage in the lower half of your body, a high-waisted option is the way to go. As you're shopping for a new swim dress, keep in mind that there are several different ways to wear them. Find the one that suits your personal style and swimwear needs and you'll feel confident and free at the beach or by the pool.

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