How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit

How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit

Accessorizing your swimsuit is about more than just throwing on a pair of flip-flops and SPF on your nose-it's about injecting some real STYLE into your look. Whether you're headed to the beach or will be lounging around the pool having cocktails with your friends, adding some stylish accessories to your look is like putting icing on the cake! Not sure what need? Here's a quick list on what you need to really get your 'WOW!' factor on and look your absolute best on the beach!


Who doesn't love a hot pair of shades? They are literally the most important accessory to have with you by the pool. They block the sun, obviously, but they can also hold your hair back from your face in a pinch. A classic over-sized shape is oh so chic, but a pair of aviators or ray-bans can give you a much sportier look. The stylish Amelia Sunglasses by Seafolly are sure to give any beach outfit that extra pizazz. Just be sure to pick a frame that fits your face perfectly.

Jewelry (Earrings + Bangles) 

Hoops, studs, or dangly: depending on the suit you have on, a great pair of earrings can take your look from simple to dazzling. If you plan on swimming, smaller studs may be best, but if you will be enjoying cocktails on a boat, go for a set of chandelier earrings to make your look more luxe. For your bangles, medium sized enamel bangles in a funky print will make a neutral-toned swimsuit look more global and on-trend. Want something a little sleeker? A set of thin gold bracelets will add an air of sophistication to your overall look. 

Hair Accessories 

Consider adding accessories to your hairstyle. That is one area in which you have limitless options. Headbands, hair ties and other accessories can be color coordinated to match the swimsuit or can be neutral to blend in with your hair color itself. 

Wedges or Jeweled Flats 

Although it's simpler to stuff an old pair of flip-flops in your bag, wedges or jeweled flats are much more fashionable. Wedges in a neutral tone are easier to walk around in than heels, but will also give the illusion of longer legs. Jeweled Flats can provide you with the same comfort level as flip-flops, but a pair with embellished jewels/stones will showcase a fresh pedicure so much better. 

Beach Cover-up 

The perfect cover-up can take you from the beach to the streets (stylishly of course). Whether you opt for a long tunic dress, a sheer cover-up, or a silk sarong to showcase your bikini, having a cover-up in your beach bag will help maximize your look. Check out the Chevron Tunic by Elan; a trendy cover-up that slips on easily, you can get all the coverage you need without layering on a bunch of bulky clothing.

Beach Bag 

A large straw or cotton canvas tote will help keep all of your essentials together while you jet around in the sun. Be sure to pick one that is fully lined and durable so that it can withstand the elements. The Sweet Sunshine Beach Bag by Raisins has a leather strap that is tough enough for the beach. The large, fun and colorfully striped tote makes the perfect beach bag to hold your cell phone and other shore accessories. 


While there's no need to put on a full face at the beach, a bright coral, pink or red lippie is a MUST-HAVE. Choose a long-lasting matte finish in a bright pop of color to maintain a polished, pretty look through the day. Now that you know the different ways you can accessorize your swimsuit, grab your bag, your friends, and go enjoy your day looking fabulous in the sand!

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