10 Ways To Dress Up A Swimsuit

10 Ways To Dress Up A Swimsuit

The explosion in swimwear design has made fashionable and flattering swimsuits available to every woman. Gone are the days when you had to have a certain body type if you wanted to find a swimsuit that made you feel beautiful. With eye-catching colors, lines, and features, swimwear style can even eclipse day-to-day clothing looks.

But the swimwear fashion news just keeps getting better. Because of its unique, sassy look, fashion gurus are loving the idea of taking your stunning swimsuit out on the town. With style this dynamic there is no reason to keep it stuck by the water. Here are a few ideas to take your swimwear out and about.


Throwing a sarong on top of a swimsuit is a perennial look for poolside lounging. But top this combo with a blazer and it makes the whole look more polished and "done." Whether you're meeting friends for lunch or spending a day shopping, this mix of structured and soft will let you enjoy the fun fit of your suit without feeling out of place.


There's a reason this sultry look is a classic. The way it hugs every curve is feminine and sexy. To amp up the heat, add a bright bikini to peek out of the neckline. Or perhaps that beautiful back tie on your favorite swim top would add a bright flash to a low-cut back. 


The flirty flare of these skirts makes them a natural fit for the fresh style of many swimsuits. This is a great way to make use of flattering fit and eye-catching details on a tankini top. Do you love the beading, or embroidery, or neckline? Add a wrist full of bangles and take that fun top out to play.


A casual tank top with your favorite pair of jeans is a classic relaxed look. Add some flash to it with a bikini top underneath. Many bikinis offer bra-like support along with beautiful colors and embellishments. Let yours peek out from the neckline of your favorite tank to take this look from ordinary to special. 


This curve-hugging wardrobe staple can often get stuck in a conservative rut. It does look sharp and businesslike with a fitted button-up shirt, but that's no reason to leave it behind when you go out on the town. To make a pencil shirt more casual, add that one-piece swimsuit you love so much. That way you can show off the cutouts, sexy low back, or embellished straps that make you feel stunning when you're by the pool. 


If you're looking for a casual, easy look as you sightsee by the ocean, you're already halfway there with your favorite swimsuit. Add a pair of low-slung shorts and a breezy button-up shirt open down the front with a half tuck in front. It's a relaxed look that's elevated by the flash of stylish swimwear.


A hot look right now is sheer dresses. Of course, to keep it decent you'll want to wear something underneath. This is a perfect way to use either a bikini or one-piece swimsuit. Bikinis have all the support benefits of underwear, with an added pop of color and style. One-piece swimsuits can add drama and visual interest with cutouts and low backs.


Another popular look right now is the open-sided shirt, which used to be a gym staple. To keep this soft drape of fabric from looking like you just got back from a workout, the sleek fabric of a swimsuit is perfect. A bikini top is a more daring take on this look, with a flash of skin showing below. But a one-piece will also elevate a simple open-sided shirt, making it a fresh look.


Adding a bright stripe of color above the drape of a backless dress can add even more visual interest to this alluring look. Pick a swimsuit that echoes the line of your dress, and play around with color. Whether you want to match the color of your dress or pick a sharply contrasting color, this can be a fun and unexpected look.


A beautiful one-piece swimsuit is a natural pairing with your favorite jeans. Keep it sweet with an innocent print or go daring with a plunging neckline. This look is all about the breezy and free feeling of summer, so have fun.

The next time you're rifling through your closet, feeling uninspired, think about the swimwear you love. You picked it because it makes you look and feel your best. Why not take that feeling out into the rest of your life? Take your favorite swimsuits out to play and freshen up your wardrobe with a whole new look.

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