Memorable Swimwear Movie Scenes

Memorable Swimwear Movie Scenes

These actresses inspire us with their memorable beach fashion![/caption] Scenes with beautiful women in bikinis at the beach are practically a rite of passage for action movies like James Bond or the Charlie's Angels series. As much as those scenes are directed at a male audience, they're just so motivating to women too! They inspire us to get in shape, and hunt down a perfect copycat bikini so we can look like our favorite celebrities in the summer. We're breaking down our top 3 most memorable Hollywood beach scenes, and showing you where you can find similar gorgeous swimsuits this summer.      
  1.  Charlie's Angels Full Throttle, Demi Moore

Demi looks great in this memorable scene, with swimwear that suits her perfectly![/caption] The scene in the first Charlie's Angels movie where we see Demi Moore for the first time was memorable for a variety of reasons. After undergoing numerous plastic surgery operations, Demi was able to show off her new and improved body for the first time and she looked amazing. While the men swooned over her toned body, we loved her lace bathing suit. Check out a similar swimsuit style here, and ride Demi's fashion wave. 

2. Die Another Day, Halle Berry

No orange bikini ever looked better than on this Bond girl.  In Die Another Day, the 12th film in the James Bond Series, Halle Berry makes a splash on screen in a bright orange swimsuit. This was her first time onscreen acting as a Bond Girl and we think she nailed it. If you want to copy Halle's bright suit, check out this similar orange bikini here. (Note: No matter how awesome the utility belt and knife look on Halle, we recommend ditching those accessories before you hit the beach.) 

3.10, Bo Derek

This great one piece swimsuit stands out with no need for a color pop.[/caption] When Bo Derek came out of the water wearing her nude one-piece in 10, she was forever immortalized in one of the most famous beach scenes of all time. Even in 2013, swimwear is still influenced by her beach style. If you want to rock a similar style, check out this nude one piece swimsuit. All you need is a head of funky, braided hair and you're ready to rock. Even if we didn't cover your favorite beach scene of all time, finding a perfect copycat suit is simple. Check out the Becca swimwear collection if you're looking for bright colors and fun patterns. If you want to find a solid colored suit, you might have to compromise slightly on the shape or style, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding the perfect look.  The trick with finding and styling the perfect copycat swimsuit is not sweating the small details and keeping the big picture in mind. Creating a memorable look on the beach is as simple as getting yourself into great shape, picking a suit that looks great with your body and your coloring, and rocking it with confidence (and maybe a couple well-placed accessories like a gorgeous head of braids or a cool-girl surfboard.) You can create an awesome look this summer with a little inspiration from these or any other memorable Hollywood beach moments. All you need is a perfect suit and a whole lot of confidence.

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