The Importance of Swimwear Sizing Charts

Shopping online is convenient when you have a chart to help you.

Buying a designer swimsuit online is undeniably convenient. The perfect suit comes right to your door, you pop it into your suitcase, and voila -- you're ready to fly away on vacay. Buying a suit this way also spares you the traumatic experience all girls share when shopping for a bathing suit: finding the right size under that dreaded florescent light. Why struggle through a dozen suits, in a cramped boutique cubicle, while fending off the overly-helpful salesgirl? Select a designer swimsuit the easy way -- buy online!

There are hundreds of high-fashion designer swimsuits to be found online. You can find everything from girls' tankinis in a range of sizes, to women's one pieces, to rompers and loungewear. If you like, you can select coordinating accessories, such as beach bags, hats and sunglasses, for a complete poolside look.

But there is one important consideration to keep in mind when buying the pleasant, easy way. You need to know how to use the convenient swimsuit sizing chart. It will help you choose the suit that's a perfect fit. We've all had the disappointing experience of ordering the same size we took a few years ago, only to discover, when the suit arrived, that it would have been wiser to measure first. This is also often the case when ordering suits for children, particularly girls. Girls' swimwear sizes change as they mature, particularly in the preteen years.

Using a sizing chart is quick and easy. You'll need a measuring tape and five minutes -- that's all. You'll be taking four measurements: your bust, waist, hip and torso. Start with the torso. Loop the measuring tape down from your shoulder, to the crotch and back up to the shoulder. Next, measure your bust under your arms, across the middle (or largest part) of your chest. Measure your waist loosely, and at the natural waistline. Finish by measuring your hips at their widest point.

Once you have your measurements, compare them to the sizing charts that the site provides. Different designers may have different charts, so be sure to check again, if you change from one designer to another. Girls' swimwear sizing can be tricky when a preteen girl is in a growth spurt, and measuring is the safest way to make sure that an ordered suit will fit perfectly.

Once you have the correct size, you can order with confidence, knowing that the suit you loved online will look just as fabulous in real life. If you already know your size, most websites make choosing easy; they group designers by the sizes of swimwear they offer. If you prefer a certain style, you can also go straight to it by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Vacation is supposed to be about relaxing. Buying a swimsuit should a pleasant, hassle-free experience as well. When you buy your designer swimwear online, and use the easy measuring guide, you ensure that choosing your perfect suit will be a snap.

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